3D Laser Technology: giving the future a new shape

Reticube Technology® is a patented brand that produces handles, knobs, bathroom accessories and lightswitch covers through 3D laser sintering.

Ten years ago the story of Reticube was born, a technologically advanced project whose vision went beyond imagination.

The story of a unique laser production process that allowed not only the creation of 3D handles and knobs with infinite variances but also offering the possibility to create any three-dimensional design with no limits.

From the idea to the project until its realisation, the production cycle takes place entirely in Italy,

in our factory in Calderara di Reno in the Province of Bologna.

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Door and Window Handles - Reticube Technology
Furniture Handles - Reticube Technology
Sterling Silver Handles and Knobs - Reticube Technology
Bathroom Accessory Sets - Reticube Technology by Guimer
Free - Occupied Locks - Reticube Technology
Customization - Reticube Technology

Our company

Guimer SRL has been a leading company in the production of fashion accessories for thirty years. With Reticube technology, it creates handles for doors and windows, knobs and bathroom accessory sets that are unique worldwide. The strength is the customization of Guimer products by proposing an idea or a design to our designers and then creating completely customized products. Through brass or silver 925, completed in various finishes, from Palladio to Corten, we can create objects according to the different styles of furniture: Modern classic, industrial, rustic, contemporary, to name but a few.

Our products are excellent handicraft, strictly Made in Italy. All the phases of production, conception, design and creation, are all carried out at our factory in Bologna.

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