3D Reticube Technology: Reshaping the future

Reticube Technology® is a patented brand that produces door handles, furniture handles, knobs, switch covers and more

through 3D laser sintering.

Fifteen years ago the story of Reticube was born, a technologically advanced project that looked beyond imagination.

The story of a unique laser manufacturing process that allowed us to make 3D handles and knobs with infinite undercuts. A lightweight design capable of adapting to any type of furniture style.

When craftsmanship meets technology, Reticube was born, a 100% Made in Italy project.

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Your three-dimensional handles

Give your furniture a touch of design with the Reticube Technology Line of Handles.
Door handles, Furniture handles and three-dimensional knobs featuring a special cage that brings light and lightness to your home.

Made all brass with a chrome finish, our components are tested to stay the same despite the passage of time and continuous use.

Our production is entirely Made in Italy. In our factories in Calderara di Reno, just outside Bologna, the entire process of conception, design and production of our handles and knobs takes place.

Choose the Design of Reticube Technology and discover all our collections.

Italian Handles since 2000

Since 2000 Reticube Technology has been making handles in Italy, within its own
plants in Calderara di Reno,where the entire production cycle takes place.
Starting from brass bars, the handles are stamped, machined,
ground, polished and chromed.

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