Interior Design made in Italy: a healthy and lasting marriage

At sunset in 2019, the interior design market confirms itself as a healthy world.

The protagonists are solid companies that since 2017 have generated a total turnover of 21.8 billion with a growth rate of 4.4% per year.

About 9 billion are the result of sales made abroad.

The North-East is the driving force in the furniture market in Italy, confirming its position as the most productive area in terms of investments and purchases.

This is encouraging considering that most of the companies on the Italian territory, despite the crisis, have not renounced to carry on a philosophy of their production: the Made in Italy.

An important point of view: the interior design market

We have focused our attention on 330 companies that deal with interior design.

Of these, 52 are commercial and 278 are productive, with a turnover of at least 16 million.

This shows us that these companies belong to the most dynamic sector in terms of revenues.

The health of the Made in Italy is still good even if to date the first seller of furniture in Italy remains Ikea with 1.8 billion in revenues only in 2018.

The culture of beauty and unique, therefore, is not lost in the ether of fine words, but becomes a fundamental point for the degrees architects and furniture professionals.

There are many hypotheses, but one is the certainty on which the market is moving very quickly.

In the next three years, the United States, China and Asia in general will be the markets on which to focus, while in Europe we must pay the utmost attention to France, Sweden, Germany and the UK despite Brexit.

How do consumers spend their resources?

The house, for investors, is confirmed as the protagonist of the programming, including financial of the European market.

Not only do we invest in bricks and mortar, but we also invest in furniture.

The house is not only a roof over your head but also a comfortable place to spend your time relaxing or working.
The attention to detail is therefore not negligible, on the contrary.

Everyone wants a welcoming home that marries with its own way of being.

There is nothing more stimulating than to find out about new trends, find out if they match your aesthetic taste and start to build the right environment for yourself.

It is interesting to note that the handles, apparently a piece of furniture that we often tend to underestimate, are instead constantly growing.

More and more people are realizing that even a small detail like a handle or a knob can make a difference.

What happens in Italy?

In Italy, this comforting fact is confirmed by the data of the Compass observatory on the furniture sector.
Various studies in the sector show that the continuous evolution of consumer credit in this sector (home living) grew by 5.9% in 2018.

Furniture is thus confirmed as one of the sectors with the highest volume of loans, exceeding the electronics (1.2 billion in 2018) but far from the automotive (16.8 billion).