Is it just a question of space, or do furnishing accessories make a difference?

Who among us hasn’t once dreamed of owning a walk-in closet?

Spacious and sumptuous, or small, cosy and hyper organized, the perfect walk-in closet par excellence does not exist, at most there is the perfect walk-in closet for you.

A magical kingdom, where every element is placed in the right place and under the “watchful eyes” of the other compartments.

The shoes arranged in a certain way, alternate with boxes filled with scarves or scarves.

Shirts, jackets and trousers all arranged in religious positions alternate for seasonality and size.

Maybe it is good to keep in mind the size and space, because maybe the volume of the clothes increases while the space is always the same.

The watchword is: distribute the spaces well.

We can either imagine a walk-in closet, a realm of fashion shows at the Carrie Bradhaw of Sex and City or a smaller and more functional one that allows us to classify well the clothes and accessories to have them all in hand.

The concept of personalization and personality of a walk-in closet is very much present in the collective imagination of interior designers who are about to design it.

Personalization: why?

Because just as the labyrinths of the mind are complex, so is the identity of a walk-in closet that reflects, if you like, even a little bit the personality of the person who commissioned it.

Personality: why?

Because the choice of finishes and details will make this environment even more intimate and design than you can imagine.

A 3D wall, or furniture handles and drawer knobs with a unique design can give personality and style to the cabin in a single touch, making it truly unique.

Step by step: how to build a noteworthy walk-in closet.

The construction of a walk-in closet therefore depends on a few important factors:

  • available space
  • capacity
  • cleavage of spaces
  • choice of design furnishing accessories that can give the environment a unique touch

To recapitulate, it is very important to manage the spaces with dividing panels, clothes hangers and drawers, but however perfectly geometric our equipped wall can be, it is important to choose small accessories that make the difference.