Installation Instructions:

Each furniture in the Reticube Technology collection is equipped with a mounting kit.

The door handle contains:

  • Rosetta Handle Pair
  • Iron Mechanism 8 mm x 8 mm
  • Mounting Kit ( screws and Allen key)

The furniture handle contains:

  • The mounting handle

Locks contains:

  • Locks
  • Rosetta
  • Emergency Screws
  • Iron 6 mm x 6 mm
  • Mounting Kit ( screws and Allen key)

The Knobs contains:

  • Knob
  • Assembly Steps

Cleaning Instructions:

All furniture accessories in the Reticube Technology collection require a monthly cleaning with a cloth slightly humidified with water. Any deposits of dirt, halons or traces of limestone resulting from intense use or exposure outside, must be removed through a gentle maintenance consisting of a cloth slightly soaked in alcohol. These operations will allow the product to maintain its original surface gloss.


If there are any imperfections or differences in the chosen form, these are to be attributed to the technology and craftsmanship necessary for the realization of the accessories.

Incorrect mounting, improper use of the handle (e.g. used as a hook to hang any weights), damage caused by clumsy objects and use for cleaning polishing or abrasive products can cause scratches, bits and ruptures or damage the chrome finish.