Furniture Handles

Furniture handles: discover our collection

Our handles are made with Reticube Technology.

This technology makes it possible to obtain three-dimensional handles of any shape and structure as undercuts, in an empty cage, from the simplest to the most complex models, to be fitted to furniture regardless of the furniture style.

Reticube Technology handles are produced entirely in our factory in Calderara di Reno, just outside Bologna. Attention to detail from design to production make us proud craftsmen of Made in Italy handles.

One challenge, one choice: handles for furniture

We wanted to make a different, highly customized product, so that we would not stop and would be able to meet the challenges of a market in constant productive evolution.

We patented Reticube Technology machining, designing and making new handles in Brass.

Choice of finish.

Years of experience in working with Brass for the production of design accessories led us to choose Chrome as the finish for 3D handles.

Chrome provides luster, stability and resistance to the wear and tear of time.