Do you want to become a Reticube retailer? To whom we are addressing.

If you are an architect and want to offer your customers the opportunity to choose from our handles, do not hesitate to send an email to our sales office to start a collaboration together.

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The possibility of collaborating with architects has allowed some collections of our Reticube line to enter different types of apartments around the world. It is always a pleasure for us to support these professional figures in offering at the right time the quality of a unique and Made in Italy design like that of Reticube Technology.

At the disposal of architects and Interior Design you can request more information and samples of:

  • Interior door handles
  • Furniture handles
  • Pomelli
  • Covers Switches
  • Accessories Bathroom

All our furniture components are in Solid Brass with chrome galvanic but for special requests such as finishes or any customizable achievements you can request an appointment in Showroom here in Bologna or a video call via specific platforms to consider customized solutions too.

Crafts and Technology together for one goal

More than forty years of experience in the production of brass and silver accessories has always prompted us to experiment and to undertake new ways to surprise and astonish our customers.

With Reticube Technology, we found the answer to many of our questions about making handles that were different from those in circulation. A step towards a stylish and lightweight design at the same time.

The very special 3D cage of which our accessories are composed is made with prototyping machines capable of generating an infinite series of sub-frames that give shape to the different compositions.

That’s why we always observe different elements with flame cages, rumble, rectangular or squared.

Quality Made in Italy

At our plants in Calderara di Reno, at the doors of Bologna, all the processes of handles are carried out. From the idea to the project, through prototyping and finally production.

Each operation is followed and scaned by a strict quality control.

For more information about our collection of 3D Handles, 3D Boomers, Shutter Covers 3D and 3D Bathroom Accessories write to our Commeciale office