Knobs: the new frontier of design in small

The real challenge for us who produce 3D Knobs was to be able to condense the style and originality that Reticube Technology aims for in its productions into a small, functional piece of furniture.

In our collection of 3D Knobs Reticube Technology differs in different shapes and different cages.

What we mean by 3D cage.

The uniqueness of our knobs is all in the cage of which the accessory is composed.

Flame, checkerboard, square or rhombus, each weave that is formed creates a game of solids and voids that allows us to enhance the material of which the furniture for which the knob is intended is made.

Made in Italy production

When craftsmanship meets technology, the Reticube collection is born. Years of experience in the production of fashion accessories have led us to choose Brass as the material for our knobs so as to guarantee solidity and a chrome finish to preserve them from wear and tear, always guaranteeing the same shine.

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