From wallpaper to handles.

The world of architecture and interior design has undergone a great revolution thanks to 3D prototyping.

Today it is possible to realize projects that until a few years ago required a lot of time and complex and very expensive processing techniques.

No more technographer and drawing on paper but specific software that allow to realize projects that are much more truthful and above all three-dimensional.

We are certainly not talking about the absolute novelty of 2020, because 3D printing in interior design has already characterized the style of many emerging architects who have made technology their workhorse.

The real revolution lies in understanding in which sectors this technology has made the difference or still today it represents an absolute novelty.

In the beginning there was prototyping.

The three-dimensional effect has a prio plus, that of being able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Seeing a 3D project has a strongly immersive character because it allows us to feel completely immersed in that context.

We decided to name two furnishing accessories to understand how 3D has revolutionized interior design.

The first is wallpaper: a covering that is a furniture classic that has undergone flexing and growth over the years.

Today it is back in vogue with a real innovation: 3D wallpaper.

A new trend that has rubbed the hands and creativity of all interior designers.

It changes the way of conceiving 3D wallpaper with brand new textures.

Wow effect with little: modern art, brushstrokes of colour, French garden or trompe l’oeil effect. In short, there’s something for everyone.

Not only wallpaper but also handles.

Another revolution in the panorama of the archway and interior design is marked by the handles, which acquire furnishing value and enrich even the simplest doors.

We have heard very often about sculpture handles, full and sometimes very heavy handles with a tapered or particular shape, we have also heard very often about 3D handles, but what do we mean by 3D?

The world of handles is very particular and unlike a wallpaper that gives us a relief image on a wall, we know that the handle regardless of shape and materials is always three dimensions.

3D Handles: a new concept of design

The spectacular 3D handles, made with a special and unique processing method such as Laser technology (if you want to learn more about the subject click here) instead shows us three-dimensional handles but characterized by infinite undercuts, textures and different shapes that can give us a truly unique piece of furniture.

Different styles of furniture, from the most classic to the most eccentric can find an extra queed if enriched by a 3D handle made by laser.

Are we ready to fantasize and immerse ourselves in a new way of conceiving some furnishing accessories?