The switchplates represents a particular furnishing accessory which can make the difference.

Our switch cover are all made with Reticube Technology.

With Reticube Technology you can get switchplates of any shape and structure, such as undercuts, in empty cage, etc..

Leafing through our catalogue, you will be able to know all our lines that can be coordinated with our handles.

Meeting the needs of Interior Designers

Until recently the models of switch covers on the market were few and provided little choice to potential buyers but especially to architects.

Our aim is to meet the most sophisticated needs of interior design by creating a real complement of furniture that responds to new trends in the furniture market.

In order to improve the design of a loft, of an hotel, of a yacht, you can start from the search for the detail in the detail: the switch covers are an aspect of the interior that can be transformed into real furnishing accessories.

Switchplates: our finishes

It is also possible to request the realization of the switchplates with finishes in:

  • chrome
  • corten
  • palladium
  • PVD
  • english brass.

Ours are handcrafted products of excellence strictly Made in Italy. In fact, the various phases of production are all carried out in Italy, in our factory in Bologna.

To get more information, please contact the sales office.

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