Customization for you and with you.

Be different to emerge: this has always been our strength because we believe that all those who sell a product want to stand out from their competitors.

In our factory, in Bologna, we produce unique bathroom handles and accessories, providing a full service of customization, even on the customer’s drawing to be made in brass or sterling silver.

Craftsmanship at the service of technology.

Ours are excellent handcrafted products and are strictly Made in Italy. All the phases of production of our products are carried out in our production workshop in Bologna.

We can make handles and accessories for customized furniture of any shape.

The customer can send us his own idea or drawing and our designers will create the prototype of the product.

Our finishes: Customization for every need

Our products are made using brass and sterling silver; these two materials meet every need of interior design.

You can also request the realization of different products customization with finishes in:

  • chrome
  • corten
  • palladium
  • PVD
  • english brass

respecting various furnishing styles: modern classic, industrial, rustic, contemporary, etc..

What’s PVD?

(Physical Vapour Deposition) PVD process has very high quality characteristics compared to traditional finishes, such as color stability.

The process is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biocompatible choice, as well as being resistant to wear and weathering.

The finishes of our products are all handcrafted: from hand grinding and cleaning of individual pieces to galvanizing in different colors.

To get more information, please contact the sales office.

Contact us

Contact us for further information on the creation of your customised furnishing accessories with the support of our designers and to create a prototype with 3D laser printers.

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