Bathroom accessory set

The bathroom accessories set are made with Reticube Technology.

Reticube Technology allows the realization of all your accessories in 3D.

This special processing allows us to create bathroom accessories set of any shape, such as undercuts and empty cage structures.

The peculiarity of these products lies in their realization that takes place through the use of special 3D printers.

Our Reticube Technology bathroom products allow you to complete the furniture with style without neglecting the functionality.

Bathroom accessories set: working phases

The various phases of processing of the bathroom accessories are all performed in Italy, exactly in our workshop placed in Bologna.

It is also possible to request the realization of different customized products with finishes in:

  • chrome
  • corten
  • palladium
  • PVD
  • english brass.

The bathroom accessories set can be made in coordination with our handles and knobs so each customer can decide whether to use the individual product or coordinated.

It is possible to realize a project made to measure for your furnishing accessory. Send your drawing or contact our designers.

Excellence Made in Italy

All products made with Reticube Technology are strictly Made in Italy.

We believe that the link with a product that certifies the identity of the cultural heritage in furniture is an important vehicle of values.

To get more information, please contact the sales office.

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Contact us for further information on our catalogue of bathroom accessory sets or if you would like to customise them.

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